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Get started today! You're here because you need more business or maybe just unsatisfied with your current marketing results. Well we're here to tell you that your business WILL stand out and GET NOTICED like never before using the Arizona Monster Flyer!

Advertising you can trust to bring you more business, our 4 page MONSTER SIZE mailer/flyer gets results because your prospective customers don't have 77-80 pages to thumb through, NOPE, our 4 full pages and at a size of 24" X 18" you will be seen like never before and we promise you this! Try us today, 2 months of advertising with us will get you noticed and with our exclusive QR Code your customers will see much more of your offerings than ever before.

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With only about 30 ads per mailer, in a HUGE 24" X 18" mailed flyer, no one else in the B2C marketing can compare to us! Try us and you'll see the difference.

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Your prospective customers don't know you until you introduce yourself to them. Let the AZ Monster Flyer do that for you. We'll get your ad copy to tell the story of your business in a simple, yet concise way. 10,000 homes at a time, approximately 30,000 eyes on your ads!

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Our Unique QR Code Marketing Strategies

When we work with a client, we ask questions about your goals among other things and then we customize a QR Code program to SUPERCHARGE your business growth through increased exposure and other key ways we deploy the QR Code for you.

AZ Monster Flyer - Debbie Remblence Senior Media Consultant